Legends 100 Club Rules
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1.  The runner must have completed 100 marathons or ultra-marathons in one calendar year. 

2.  The runner must contact the Club President to apply and be considered for approval by the Board of Directors.

3.  The runner must pay a one-time membership fee of $100 USD.

4.  The member must pay a $20 USD annual fee.

5.  The marathon must be the full distance of 26 miles 385 yards (42.195K). An ultra-marathon is defined as any distance greater than marathon distance.

6.  The event must have a race director to supervise and take responsibility for the event.

7.  Someone who is not running in the event must time the event.

8.  Races must be official, publically posted and advertised on the event website at least one month prior to race date.

9.  Verifiable results must be maintained and/or posted to the general public.

10.  The event shall have a minimum of five starters and three finishers. If an ultra and a marathon are being held simultaneously, total numbers meet this rule.

11.  The runner shall retain and present information to substantiate each event.

12.  Applicants must be approved by an unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.

13.  The Club President reserves the right to revoke membership of any member or Board of Director exhibiting misconduct.

14.  Rules are subject to change by the Club President.
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